Explore the most frequently asked questions about ShotDot®, our innovative Glock® enhancement that revolutionizes law enforcement training and accountability. Get to know the features, benefits, and technical details of our intelligent shot tracking system.

What is ShotDot®?

ShotDot®is an intelligent Glock® enhancement that easily inserts into the grip cavity of a pistol. It accurately counts all shots fired within a hundredth of a second, without counting non-shot events. The device allows data to be downloaded via Bluetooth, generating reports for training purposes and officer-involved shootings.


How does ShotDot® improve law enforcement training and accountability?

ShotDot® provides precise shot tracking, enabling trainers and officers to analyze shooting performance and identify areas for improvement. It also offers secure data reporting for officer-involved shootings, promoting transparency and accountability in law enforcement operations.


 Is ShotDot® compatible with all Glock® models?

ShotDot is designed to fit seamlessly into the grip cavity of standard factory issue models of Glock® 17 Gen 4, Glock® 17 Gen 5, Glock® 19 Gen 4, Glock® 19 Gen 5 and Glock® 45.


How does ShotDot® ensure data security and tamper-proofing?

ShotDot® is built with robust tamper-proof technology, preventing unauthorized access or manipulation of the device. Furthermore, it uses secure Bluetooth connections and data encryption to protect sensitive information during transmission and storage.


Can ShotDot® be used with other firearm brands?

Currently, ShotDot® is specifically designed for Glock® pistols. However, we are continuously researching and developing solutions for other popular firearm brands. Stay tuned for future updates.


How do I download and analyze the data from ShotDot®?

ShotDot® pairs with a dedicated software via Bluetooth. The app/software enables you to download and analyze the collected data, generate reports, and review shooting performance over time.


Is the ShotDot system cloud-based?
No. The ShotDot system utilizes local data management to offer enhanced security and user control. By maintaining data off the cloud, users enjoy direct, exclusive access to their information, ensuring data integrity and privacy. This setup provides strong protection against unauthorized access, giving users peace of mind and full command over their data.


Can the ShotDot App be installed on multiple computers?
Yes, the ShotDot App can be installed on multiple desktop or laptop computers. Access control to shot data is determined by your department's preferences. Typically, departments assign access to their Armorer/Firearms trainer(s) and investigating officers.


What is the battery life of ShotDot®?

ShotDot®features a long-lasting battery, ensuring reliable performance for extended periods. Battery life varies depending on usage, but under normal conditions, the device can operate for 6 months without needing a replacement or charge.


How do I install ShotDot® on my Glock®?

ShotDot® is designed for easy installation. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the user manual or watch our installation tutorial video below to insert the device into the grip cavity of your Glock® pistol.

Where can I purchase ShotDot®?

You can purchase ShotDot® directly from our sales team if you are an active member of the law enforcement. Contact sales@shotdotusa.com to get a custom quote. Bulk discounts are available to law enforcement personnel. 


I am not a law enforcement officer, when will I be able to purchase a ShotDot®?

We will open up sales to the public soon. Sign up for our newsletter and we will notify you when the ShotDot® becomes available for purchase on our website. 


How can I get support for my ShotDot® device?

Our dedicated support team is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns related to ShotDot. Visit our "Contact Us" page to submit a support request, and we will respond promptly.